Should You Invest in Custom Kitchen Cabinetry?

Kitchen cabinetry can be custom, semi-custom, or stock. Although some stock and semi-custom cabinets are fine pieces of carpentry, a few benefits of custom kitchen cabinetry are hard to overlook. If you find yourself on the fence about the type of cabinetry to purchase for your kitchen upgrade, consider the favorable implication of the following benefits. 

Meet Your Exact Needs

Are you incredibly tall or exceptionally short? If so, standard counter heights likely fail to work for you. When you’re in your own home, it can be a huge benefit to have everything created to meet your exact needs. This can be for physical needs (i.e., handicap or height), abstract kitchen layouts, or unique additions for pets or children. Think about how these additions to your kitchen cabinetry might impact your daily life:

  • Inserts for pet food bowls
  • Adjustable counter heights
  • Spice drawer
  • Pull out vertical pantry cabinet

Choose the Materials You Love

Another significant benefit of custom kitchen cabinetry is the ability to choose exactly what materials you want to use in your home. Marble, quartz, granite, cement, and other countertop options allow for some creativity to be included in your kitchen design. You might prefer oak over pine or walnut instead of poplar. No matter your preference, you can make the choices when your cabinetry is custom-made. Doing so can also aid in choosing more eco-friendly materials, including reused wood. 

High Quality

Choosing custom cabinetry means choosing quality. Think about how different kinds of cabinets are made. Would you imagine more mistakes slipping through the cracks on an assembly line where thousands of cabinets are being made or a cabinet maker that values their craft? Craftmanship is a part of custom cabinetry; the same cannot be said for assembly line cabinets. A custom build is the way to go if you desire long-lasting quality cabinets. 

Improved Storage Space

When you purchase stock cabinets for your kitchen, it isn’t going to fit exactly. Although they will work, you could miss out on some storage space. The few inches along the wall could have storage space, but the inability to fit a stock cabinet leaves the area unused. There’s space above the upper cabinets collecting dust when stock cabinets are made as a one-size-fits-all piece. Fortunately, if storage is important to you, custom kitchen cabinetry will allow you to add more usable space. 

Start Your Custom Kitchen Cabinetry Today

Finding a trustworthy contractor to help with your custom cabinetry can require some research. When you are ready to begin your journey into the custom cabinetry foray, consider our team at Acton Woodworks! We are expert contractors who specialize in home additions and kitchen renovations and can assist you with your custom kitchen cabinetry needs. Contact Us today.