The Benefits of Design-build

When you work with design-build contractors, they are your one-stop for design, architecture, and construction execution. Whether renovating one room or your entire home, design-build contractors truly take care of every step of the process. They will work with you closely to determine design, products, budget, and everything in between. Follow along as we go over the incredible benefits of hiring a design-build contractor for your next project!


Having one point of contact is extremely beneficial when going through a renovation project. Rather than calling your design guy, materials guy, and actual contractor, all is done through your design-build team. They are responsible for who and what is involved with your remodel. 


Because your design-build team will be handling all the details of your project, they are able to provide you with a reasonable budget upfront. Working with one point of contact will allow you and the team to stick to your desired budget without outdoor voices from products dealer or other designers and contractors. The budget discussion is one of the first conversations you will have with your design-build team to determine costs and materials and be able to sign off confidently on your project. 

Fewer Delays

Because your design-build team is working for you, there are fewer delays involved when you work with one team versus several for a remodel. The timeline of designers, architects, builders, and contractors are all aligned under your design-build project. 


Your design-build team will be able to manage all aspects of your project. You will not have to make phone calls, contact manufacturers, or lift a finger. They will be managing the timeline of the project, reach out to those necessary, and keep you completely in the loop the entire time. 

Home remodeling and renovations are genuinely made easy when you work with a design-build construction company. Not only will there be no stress regarding schedule, exceeding budget, or finding materials, but your home will be custom designed by a professional designer and built by expert contractors from the same team. To learn more about the design-build process, contact our team at Acton Woodworks today! We provide expert design-build services for all home projects. Contact Us today.